CAPADOCIA PRIZKA BEZKRAI (4 nights) – by flight from Varna to Nevşehir

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Cappadocia, Türkiye
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5 дни

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Specific Tour

Group Size

70 people



About this tour

Booking conditions:

  • Deposit 30% paid to TO within 24 hours after booking
  • Supplement 21 days before departure
  • Issue of travel documents 7 days before the flight

Cancellation Policy:

  • Up to 24 hours after booking without cancellation fee
  • Up to 30 days before departure 50 BGN/person cancellation fee
  • Up to 21 days before departure 30% of the cost as cancellation fee
  • Under 21 days 100% as cancellation fee


  1. Minimum number of tourists: 150 people;
  2. Notification period in case of non-collection of the minimum – 21 days;
  3. Bulgarian citizens are required to have a valid identity document, valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival in Bulgaria;
  4. The tour operator reserves the right to make changes to the program and flight schedules.


In the event of early termination of the contract at the initiative of the TRAVELER, the amount paid by him or on his behalf shall be refunded through the travel agent who concluded the travel package contract with the TRAVELER on behalf and at the expense of the tour operator, when the TRAVELER is unable to start and complete the trip due to any of the following reasons, which was unforeseeable at the time of conclusion of the travel package contract and occurred before the date of departure regardless of the will of the traveler:

1.1. Accident, Acute Illness (an illness which occurs suddenly and unforeseen, poses a danger to the life or health of the traveller and requires emergency medical intervention) or sudden exacerbation of a chronic illness of a TRAVELLER under the Package Contract, excluding a COVID 19 illness, provided that hospital or home treatment is in progress at the start date of the trip and there is a risk of the traveller’s health deteriorating from the trip.

1.2. Sudden illness or accident of a relative of the TRAVELLER (spouse), relative in the direct line – without organs or in the consanguineous line – up to the second degree incl.), provided that on the starting date of the trip hospital or home treatment is being carried out and the traveller has to take care of the sick person.

1.3. Death of the Commuter.

1.4. Death of a relative of the traveller (spouse), a relative in the direct line – without authority or in the consanguineous line – up to the second degree incl.).


  • Flight from Varna
  • Dates: 23.10.2024, 30.10.2024, 06.11.2024, 13.11.2024
  • Flight schedule (subject to reconfirmation):
  • Varna - Nevşehir - 15:30 - 17:15
  • Nevşehir - Varna - 18:05 - 20:05


  • Airfare including airport taxes and 20kg checked baggage / 5kg hand luggage with European Air Charter;
  • 4 nights on BB basis (bed and breakfast) at Nova Cave Hotel 5*;
  • Transfer airport - hotel - airport;
  • Medical travel assistance insurance from Evronins with a coverage of 10000 EUR (Traveller, Option A);
  • BONUS MAXIMUM SECURITY PACKAGE - reimbursement in case of travel ban for medical reasons (proven by medical document);
  • Representative of the tour operator.
  • Balloon flight over the rock formations of Cappadocia - BGN 498 for adult / BGN 498 for child 2- 11,99 years (price subject to re-negotiation before the flight);
  • Traditional evening in a rock restaurant with unlimited drinks - 75 BGN per adult / 55 BGN per child 2-11,99 years;
  • Program The Whirling Dervishes - 45 leva for adult / 35 leva for child 2-11,99 years;
  • Two-day tour package with lunch included - 235 BGN for adult / 196 BGN for child 2-11,99 years:
  • Visit to a carpet centre and lunch in a rock restaurant - 49 BGN adult / 35 BGN child 2-11,99 years;
  • ATV in the rock valleys - 70 BGN per adult;
  • Safari with camel - 90 BGN for adult / 70 BGN for child up to 11,99 years;
  • The Unknown Cappadocia - 86 BGN per adult / 86 BGN per child up to 11,99 years;
  • Turkish bath - 109 BGN per adult;
  • Jeep Holiday Tour - 117 BGN for adult / 117 BGN for child up to 11,99 years;
  • Entrance fees to the sites visited during the excursions in Cappadocia (payable locally, prices are indicative and subject to change):
  • Kaymakl Underground City - 300 Turkish Liras;
  • The rock churches in Göreme - 480 Turkish Liras;
  • Uchisar - 40 Turkish Liras;
  • Pashabaa - 280 Turkish Liras.
  • Mandatory surcharges:
  • Bakshish during the stay in Cappadocia for guides and drivers - around 15 euros;
  • Fuel and Emissions Charge - to be announced 21 days before the flight. The prices are calculated with aircraft fuel parameters of USD 1,000/tonne at an exchange rate of 1 Euro = USD 1.


Departure by flight Varna - Nevşehir at 15:30. Arrival at Nevşehir airport. Welcome by a representative of the partner company. Transfer to the selected hotel. At 18:30 information meeting with tourists in the hotels of accommodation. Dinner at the hotel restaurant: 19:30 - 21:30 Overnight

Day 2

07:00 - 09:00 - Breakfast. Free time or full-day optional extra program.

Hot air balloon flight over the rock formations of Cappadocia (optional and extra charge) - one of a kind in the world over a unique landscape. At 05:00 am transfer from the hotel to the balloon station. Early coffee/tea or snack, meet the crew and get ready for the balloon ascent, boarding into spacious, secure baskets and a one-hour unique flight between and over rock, whimsical shapes. After the flight, each participant receives a named certificate, champagne and souvenir photos (for an additional fee).

Return transfer to the hotel. Time for breakfast in the restaurant.
09:00 - All-day tour -> Ortahisar - Göreme - Chavushin - Pashabagh - Valley of Love - Valley of Fantasies

Visit to the Panorama of Ortahisar. Its founder is St. Nino, whose parents were among the first Christian settlers in the area in the 4th century. With a cross made of vine sticks, he spread the Christian doctrine and performed his miracles. You'll hear amazing stories and see rock whimsical cones. From this platform, you can see all the grandeur of the Palace of Ortahisar and take some of the most amazing pictures.

We head to Göreme, a UNESCO outdoor museum. This is the place with the best preserved frescoes, the earliest of which dates back to the 7th century. (According to local legend, there were 365 churches in this place - 1 for each day of the year, but today about 30 are open for visits). Here you can see the memorable frescoes of the saints, the royal images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Chavushin - one of the oldest fortresses of the Hittites, which time has changed and destroyed. We will tell you the story of its discovery for Europe in the early 18th century by a French explorer. Time for impressions and photos.


Visit Avanos - a charming town located on both banks of the longest river flowing entirely in Turkey - the "Red River". For these lands, ceramic mining and production is one of the main crafts to this day. We will witness the entire process of creating a clay product - from the mixing of the clay to its firing. There will be an opportunity for one of you - if you wish - to try your hand at shaping the clay. Finally - we'll visit the company shop and you'll have the opportunity to purchase some gorgeous handmade pieces that will take your breath away.

Next LUNCH - INCLUDED IN THE PRICE - in a buffet restaurant, salads, main courses, starters, meat and vegetarian specialties, desserts

The excursion continues to Pashabagh (Pasha's Vineyard), another open-air museum which, in addition to the magnificent Chimneys of the Spirits, also displays the traditions of people from different eras to plant and cultivate local vineyards. The taste of wine in Cappadocia leaves a slightly tart taste.

After lunch we head to the Valley of Love. This is where the rock formations add romance and tenderness. There is a belief for unattached visitors that within a year of visiting, they find their life companion. You can write down and pin your wish on the Wish Tree.

Another valley is included in our program, namely the Valley of Fantasies. Shaped by climatic influences - wind, rain, erosion, this valley offers wonderful rock figures and images. We'll show you the more famous ones, you show us the new ones - according to you.

Transfer to the hotel. Dinner - 18:30 - 20:00.

Traditional Cappadocian evening - extra charge.

At 20:00, after dinner at the hotel, transfer to the rock restaurant. The Turkish traditional evening lasts 2.5 hours. Dinner is not offered, it is held in the restaurant. Customers can consume unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, nuts and fruits on site. The whole program is rich in music and dance. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight.

07:00 - 09:00 Breakfast. Free time or full-day optional program.

Hot air balloon flight over the rock formations of Cappadocia (optional) - one of a kind in the world over a unique landscape. At 05:00 am transfer from the hotel to the balloon station. Early coffee/tea or snack, meet the crew and get ready for the balloon ascent, boarding into spacious, secure baskets and a one-hour unique flight between and over rock, whimsical shapes. After the flight, each participant receives a named certificate, champagne and souvenir photos (for an additional fee).

Return transfer to the hotel. Time for breakfast in the restaurant.

09:00 All Day Tour -> Underground Cities (Kaymakl or similar) - Valley of the Pigeons - Uchhisar - Rose Valley

Visit one of the Underground Cities ( Kaymaklı or similar). All the cities are interconnected and have been dug into the rocks since the 8th-7th centuries BC, 18-20 stories underground and served as a refuge for the local people from raiders and wild animals. They were arranged with living space including dining rooms, kitchens, stables, churches, cellars, schools, etc. Incredible and to this day unproven by science how they were built so uniquely to have natural ventilation on so many floors underground. Inhabited by hundreds of thousands of ancient people. With all the necessary accommodations for humans and animals. With the ability to have food and water for months on end. (The tour is not suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia or other medical diagnoses related to tight spaces, lack of air, fear and phobia of underground spaces)

The Valley of the Pigeons - here is a spectacular view of rock houses for pigeons, kept by all ethnic groups that inhabited the lands of Cappadocia. We will reveal to you why pigeons used to get so much attention and why their home is still Cappadocia.

LUNCH - INCLUDED IN THE PRICE - at a rich buffet you will taste a wide variety of dishes, salads, desserts of your choice as a type and unlimited quantity.

Visit the Rose Valley - a wonderful place where you will have the opportunity to see the different colors of the rock formations, enjoy the wonderful views while drinking traditional Turkish coffee or pomegranate juice, or take amazing photos amidst the beautiful landscapes.

Visit Uchhisar and the rock formations, where you can see many rock dwellings that were inhabited until 20 years ago. Here is also the highest rock palace, the most expensive rock hotels. We will tell you, show you and take your photos.

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm One-hour Mystical World with the Whirling Dervishes - additional charge. The power of the spirit, of divine love, which passes through the heart of the Sufis to reach our human senses. What will make us better. We will experience another world and be energized.

Transfer to the hotel. Dinner - 19:30 - 21:30 in the hotel restaurant. Overnight.

Day 4

07:00 - 09:00 Breakfast. Free time or full-day optional program.

On this day you can make your unique trip to complete your wonderful experience in Cappadocia. As well as shopping for gifts for relatives and friends.

Additional excursion :

I. The Unknown Little Cappadocia - a guided tour that includes a visit to :

In the heart of Anatolia, a major Christian educational complex where spiritual life has been boiling for centuries, with the only ayazma of its kind in Cappadocia.

Visit Sobienos, a town believed to have originated in late Roman or early Byzantine times (c. 300-350). This is the most recent antiquity of Cappadocia, as the city was only discovered in 2002. Prior to this, nothing was known about the city.The unique mosaic floors are still being studied.

Visit to the Soanlu Valley - Kayseri Province, With the dormant volcano Er Gi Es, one of the "culprits" of the conical mystical formations at hand The valley was inhabited by Byzantine monks from the 9th to the 13th century, located on the banks of a river in a natural Cappadocian "grand canyon" , where we will also have a traditional tiled lunch.The place where you can see the rare frescoes with dark background in the churches, where monastic life was boiling even before Göreme.

Visit to Sinasos - Until 1924, the settlement had a Greek population that emigrated to Greece - mainly to Nea Sinasos (Νέα Σινασός) on the island of Euboea. The houses, the churches of the late period, the Greek architecture, the gates, the colours - everything reminds of the life of the wealthy Greek merchants in this settlement.

At the end of the day time for coffee and shopping.

Transfer to the hotel. Dinner - 19:30 - 21:30 in the hotel restaurant. Overnight.

07:00 - 09:00 Breakfast. Optional program:

- ATV among rock formations - an hour-long ride into the heart of the mystical world.

- Jeep "holliday" tour - Two-hour event amidst the fairy and charm of natural rock formations. Sunrise jeep tour ( 05:30- 08:00 from hotel to hotel). We will take you through the unique route past the balloon flight sites. We will accompany the balloon flights. In a great mood, with the musical flavor of a unique landscape we will make our unique photos and videos. We will accompany the balloons to their landing and treat ourselves with champagne. Souvenir photos with our skilled drivers of the beautiful Anatolian jeeps. The advantage - even if there are no balloon flights, you have the chance to walk in the stone valleys of rocky and whimsical shapes and colors of Cappadocia.

- Safari with camel - an incredible emotion in the valleys of Cappadocia. The semi-desert climate and amazing cliffs will transport you to the Tales of Scheherazade.

- Hammam - the hammam is an experience for both the body and the senses. Since the Ottoman Empire, this was the place where the Sultan and his cronies made the important decisions for the Empire. The place that removes stress, improves blood circulation, refreshes thought and brings calm.

- Tour Göreme - visit to a carpet centre and lunch in a rock restaurant.

Transfer to Nevshehir airport.


5 days



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Cappadocia, Türkiye


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