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Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan
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Specific Tour

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70 people



About this tour

Documents required:

  • an international passport with a minimum validity of 6 months after the date of return,
  • For children under 18 travelling with or without one parent, in addition to the international passport, it is necessary to carry a notarized power of attorney from one or both parents, and a birth certificate in case the parents’ surnames are different.
  • For holders of an ordinary passport, visas are not required to enter Japan.

Payment method and terms:

  • The reservation is valid upon payment of the following amounts in cash or by bank transfer:
  • First payment upon reservation and signing of contract in the amount of 50% of the amount due;
  • Supplement 05.08.2024
Baggage allowance per passenger (number, weight and size) for the flight of AK TURKISH AIRLINES:
  • 1 piece of hand luggage up to 8 kg with dimensions 55 x 40 x 23 cm
  • 1 piece of personal luggage up to 4 kg with dimensions 40 x 30 x 15 cm (type of laptop bag, ladies’/men’s bag, small backpack)
  • 1 checked baggage up to 23 kg
  • Please note that liquids (up to 100ml are allowed in resealable bags), sharp objects and weapons are not allowed in hand luggage.
Important for seats on Turkish Airlines flights!
Seating for the entire group is in one section of the aircraft, but seats next to each other are not guaranteed.
Seat allocation is done directly by the Turkish airlines system and we cannot reserve seats for free.
If you would like specific optional seats, for an additional fee, you can purchase them directly from the Turkish Airlines website or contact us for assistance. You can purchase them after the airline tickets are issued, which is usually about 10 days before departure.
Extra legroom seat and Exit seat have wider legroom and are limited in number. Exit seats are age-restricted seats for passengers aged 16 to 65.
Prices for specific reserved seats vary by destination.
Travellers have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract at any time prior to the commencement of the tour package upon payment of the following amounts:
Cancellation periods and penalties:
  • in case of cancellation and more than 96 days before the departure date, no penalty will be charged;
  • in the event of cancellation between the 95th and 66th day before the departure date, a penalty of 30% of the cost of the trip will be charged;
  • in the event of cancellation between the 65th and 46th day before the departure date, a penalty of 50% of the cost of the trip will be charged;
  • in the event of cancellation 45 days or less before the departure date, a penalty of 100% of the cost of the trip will be charged.
In the event that the USER voluntarily cancels his/her trip, during its duration, all additional costs, including transportation costs, shall be at his/her own expense.
The CUSTOMER has the right to transfer his right to travel to a third party within a period appropriate to the specifics of the destination, the issuance of air tickets on international flights and no later than 30 days before the date of departure, ie 17.08.2024, and undertakes to pay the TOUR OPERATOR only the amounts due related to the possible reissue of tickets.
Important information and clarifications:
  • The price is valid for a group of at least 16 tourists.
  • Deadline for notification of the minimum number of participants for the trip: 45 days before departure.

The package price is calculated for the following courses:

  • Japanese Yen 100¥ = EUR 0,60 exchange rate as of 28.04.2024.
  • US dollar exchange rate 1 USD=1.82 BGN as of 28.04.2024.
  • Euro exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN as of 28.04.2024
  • In the event of an increase or decrease in the exchange rate within 5%, the Agency reserves the right to recalculate the quoted rates at the time of final payment in accordance with Article 87, paragraph 3 of the Tourism Act.
  • Airlines reserve the right to change flight times. A change in flight times cannot be a reason for cancellation.
  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the hotels listed in the program with others that are identical in quality and category.
  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the sequence of the programme events.
Information on health requirements up to date 28.04.2024.
For entry into Japan: no vaccine and certificate requirements
Due to the dynamically changing situation, information on the requirements and medical conditions for visiting each programme country are subject to reconfirmation as the travel period approaches.
Travel for persons with reduced mobility: travel is generally NOT suitable for persons with reduced mobility.
The tour operator has taken out insurance “Liability of the Tour Operator” within the meaning of Article 97 of the Tourism Act


  • Date: 18.09.2024
  • Price: 4200.00 €
  • Time difference during travel between:
  • between Sofia (Bulgaria) and Istanbul (Turkey) - there is no time difference during the journey
  • between Sofia (Bulgaria) and Tokyo, Kyoto, Niko, Osaka (Japan) is +6 hours in the travel period
  • Flight schedule with AK Turkish Airlines:
  • Date Flies from Departs in Lands in Arrives in Duration
  • 18.09.2024 SOFIA 09:20 ISTANBUL 10:55 01:35
  • 18.09.2024 ISTANBUL 15:50 TOKYO 08:55 11:05
  • 28.09.2024 OSAKA 21:55 ISTANBUL 05:00 13:05
  • 29.09.2024 ISTANBUL 07:15 SOFIA 08:30 01:15


  • Air tickets Sofia-Istanbul-Tokyo // Osaka-Istanbul-Sofia on Turkish airlines with luggage included:
  • 1 piece of checked baggage up to 23 kg with overall dimensions up to 158 cm
  • 1 piece of hand luggage up to 8 kg with dimensions 55 x 40 x 23 cm
  • 1 piece of personal luggage up to 4 kg with dimensions 40 x 30 x 15 cm (type of laptop bag, ladies'/men's bag, small backpack);
  • Airport charges for international flights of AK Turkish airlines in the amount of EUR 680 (subject to reconfirmation upon ticketing);
  • Ticket for the arrow train from Mishima to Kyoto;
  • Airport-hotel-airport transfers by coaches according to the described program;
  • 9 nights according to the itinerary in the hotels or similar:
  • 4 nights in Tokyo, Japan at Shinagawa Prince Hotel 4* or similar
  • 1 night in Hakone area at Yumoto Fujiya 4* or similar hotel
  • 2 nights in Kyoto, Japan at Daiwa Roynet Kyoto Ekimae Premier Hotel 3* + or similar
  • 2 nights in Osaka, Japan at Osaka Excel Hotel Tokyu 4* or similar
  • 1 early check-in at Tokyo hotel on arrival
  • 1 late check-out at departure from hotel in Osaka
  • 9 breakfasts in the hotel restaurants;
  • 3 lunches in local restaurants according to the program;
  • 4 dinners in local restaurants according to the program;
  • Visit and explore all the sites and activities described in the programme;
  • Entrance fees to the sites visited on the programme;
  • Guided tours by certified guides in English and translation into Bulgarian by the group leader;
  • A representative of the tour operator who accompanies the group from Bulgaria and takes care of the organization of the trip and translates the guided tours of the local guides;
  • Medical insurance "Travel assistance" with a cover of 20 000 euro in ZD Euroins AD for the period of travel. The insurance cover also provides for the cost of hospital treatment in the event of a "COVID 19" illness.
  • Entrance fees for sites not included in the program;
  • Transport costs for public transport;
  • Drinks and meals outside the program;
  • Expenditure of a personal nature;
  • Trip cancellation insurance at the client's request. 1, item 14 of the Tourism Act with ZD Euroins AD, covering the costs of trip cancellation, trip curtailment and interruption due to health reasons of the traveler, his relatives, including COVID-19, urgent appearance at a lawsuit, redundancy, etc. The insurance shall be taken out at the latest within 5 calendar days from the date of contract and payment of deposit. The insurance premium is approximately 5% of the sum insured. More information at the office.


18.09.2024 / SOFIA-ISTANBUL
Meeting at Sofia Airport, Terminal 2 /new/ at 06:45 with a representative of the tour operator travelling with the group.
Turkish Airlines international flight TK1028 Sofia 09:20 - Istanbul 10:55 (flight duration 1 h 35 min.)
Stay at the airport about 4 h.
Turkish Airlines international flight TK 50 Istanbul 15:50 - Tokyo 08:55 on 19.09.2024 (flight duration 11 h 05 min).

19.09.2024 / TOKYO
Landing at Tokyo Narita Airport at 08:55 on 19 September 2024.
Welcome, transfer and early check-in at Shinagawa Prince Hotel 4*
or similar. Free time for rest.
Overnight in Tokyo, Japan.

20.09.2024 /TOKYO
excursion to japanBreakfast.
Our introduction to the pulsating metropolis of Tokyo begins.
We'll head to the old Asakusa district, which still has the atmosphere of old Tokyo. To fully embark on today's adventure, we're going to change into the typical summer attire of the "yukata" or summer kimono and head out for an exciting Friday stroll along the old shopping street leading to Tokyo's most famous 7th century Buddhist temple, Asakusa Sensoji.
We will walk along the colorful Nakamise shopping street, starting from the outer gate of the neighborhood and reaching the temple. The many shops and street vendors offer tourists plenty of Japanese souvenirs and various traditional local delicacies.
For many centuries, Asakusa has been Tokyo's most famous entertainment district. During the Edo period (1603-1867), when the neighborhood was still outside the city limits, Asakusa was the site of kabuki theaters and red lanterns.
We head to a traditional restaurant for an exciting sushi lesson and lunch.
After changing back into our own clothes, we will proceed to the parade ground in front of the Imperial Palace, the residence of the Japanese Imperial Family. The palace is located in central Tokyo, on the site of the old Edo Castle in a large park surrounded by moats and massive stone walls. Short stop for a photo shoot.
Then we will climb Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Tower rising 250 meters high in the center of Tokyo.
Return to Shinagawa Prince Hotel 4* or similar.
Overnight in Tokyo, Japan.

excursion to japanBreakfast.
After breakfast, we depart for the charming town of Kamakura, located just 60 km from Tokyo.
Kamakura - a city located southwest of Tokyo, in the area of which there are many temples and shrines, thanks to which the atmosphere of old Japan is still felt. Kamakura was chosen as the capital of Japan under Shogun Minamoto in the 12th century and lasted as the center of power until the 14th century. In the period 1185-1333, the influence of Zen Buddhism, which became rapidly popular among the samurai and had a great impact on the culture and art of Japan, came from China.
We'll visit the Kotokuin Temple, a Buddhist temple of the Jodo-shu movement, famous for its magnificent bronze statue of Amida Buddha. With its height of 13.35 metres, it is the second tallest Buddha statue in Japan, after the one at Todaiji Temple in Nara.
Next, visit the Hase Kan-non Temple - famous for its statue of Kanon, the goddess of mercy. The temple is located on top of a hill, which offers a magnificent view of the entire city, the beaches and the ocean. At the top in one of the buildings of the temple complex is the Library, which carries all the knowledge of the world within it. It is believed that whoever manages to spin it will acquire it...
Free time for lunch at one of the restaurants on the pedestrian street "Komachi" (not included).
In the center of the city is the largest temple in Kamakura - Tsurugaoka Hachimangu /we'll see it/, known as one of the most important places of worship in Japan after the New Year holidays. The temple was founded in 1063 by Minamoto Yoriyoshi and was moved to its present location in 1180 by Minamoto Yoritomo, the founder and first shogun of the Kamakura shogunate.
Then we head to Yokohama - the largest port city in Japan, the administrative center of Kanagawa Prefecture, the city is located only 30 km from the metropolis of Tokyo and 30 km from Kamakura.
Today, Yokohama is the 31st largest port in the world in terms of total cargo volume and is not coincidentally called the "Sea Gateway of Japan". Yokohama has its own economy, mainly related to maritime transport and the biotechnology and semiconductor industries, and the skyscrapers, modern shops, beautiful parks and boulevards make it a modern, attractive city.
Arrive in Yokohama and explore the downtown area.
We will enjoy the Sankien Garden, a spacious Japanese-style garden in southern Yokohama that displays a number of historic buildings from all over Japan. There's a pond, small rivers, flowers and lovely intertwining paths that give you the feeling of being in Kyoto. The garden was built by Hara Sankei and opened to the public in 1904. Among the historic buildings on display in the park are the elegant residence of the local feudal lord /daimyo/, several tea houses, the main hall and the three-story pagoda of the old Toyomoji Shrine in Kyoto.
Next, visit the Yokohama Landmark Tower. We'll go up to the 69th floor, where the Sky Garden Observatory is located, from which you can see a 360-degree view of the city and, on clear days, Mount Fuji. When the building opened, it had the fastest elevators in the world (installed by Mitsubishi Electric), reaching speeds of 12.5 m/s (45.0 km/h). This speed allows the elevator to reach the 69th floor in approximately 40 seconds. This elevator speed record was surpassed by the Taipei 101 elevators (60.6 km/h, 37.7 mph) in 2004.
Return to Tokyo (the distance from Yokohama to Tokyo is about 30 km).
Overnight in Tokyo, Japan. /3/

22.09.2024 / TOKYO
trip to japan
Breakfast. Today is our lovely free day in Tokyo.
You have the option of exploring the city on your own or, if you wish, joining an organised tour with our local guide and public transport* to:
 Popular area of Tokyo - Shibuya. A colorful and lively place, especially popular for its diagonal walkway and the monument to the faithful dog Hachiko.
Often referred to as the world's busiest intersection, it is located in Tokyo and thousands of pedestrians cross it daily. At rush hour, the hypnotic pace of the changing traffic lights seems to "whirl" the masses of people into a mesmerizing yet claustrophobic waltz. For many, the controlled chaos of Shibuya Junction is the epitome of the efficient madness of the most modern city. Here, 10 streets and five major pedestrian walkways converge under a modern canyon of neon colors and advertisements in the heart of Tokyo. Shibuya Junction serves as a central gathering place on New Year's Eve, inspired by the American tradition of Times Square, and is a focal point for the Halloween celebrations that have become increasingly prominent in Japan in recent years. Its popularity is easily explained. Along with Shinjuku Station, the area's Shibuya Station has the honor of being one of the busiest stations in the world. Connecting to popular areas such as Shinjuku, Harajuku and Ropongi, it is almost impossible to bypass Shibuya when visiting Tokyo or even travelling around the city. And yet - you wouldn't want to go around. The place has to be seen and felt.
Free time and walk in the area of Ginza and Shinjuku.
*Public transport tickets are not included.
Overnight in Tokyo, Japan.

23.09.2024 /TOKYO - FUJI - HAKONE
excursion to japanThe luggage will be transported separately by small truck, directly to the hotel in Kyoto.
It must be left at the hotel reception by 07:30 am on 23.09.2024.
Please prepare hand luggage for 2 days, as the big luggage will be with you again on the evening of 24.09.2024 in Kyoto.
Breakfast. Hotel check-out.
We head to the area of the majestic Mount Fuji. Please note that one part of the bus journey is on a mountain road.
We head to the Mishima Skywalk, a scenic spot where you can see Mount Fuji from a giant suspension bridge. With a total length of 400 m, it is the longest suspension footbridge in Japan. Mount Fuji and the ocean (Suruga Bay) are especially beautiful before noon when the temperature is low. Experience exciting activities at Forest Adventure! On the Long Zip Slide, you can experience the exhilarating sensation of gliding through the air 70m above the ground for 300m while viewing Mount Fuji (no reservations required).
Buffet lunch at a restaurant on Lake Ashi, also called Lake Hakone or Lake Ashinoko.
After lunch we will explore Owakudani (Ōwakudani) this is the valley around the crater formed during the last eruption of Mount Hakone about 3000 years ago. Today, much of the area is an active volcanic zone where sulfurous fumes, hot springs and hot rivers can be experienced.
Eggs cooked in Ovakudani's hot spring pools with shells blackened by the sulphur are sold in shops in the area and eating one is thought to extend life by seven years. A short hiking trail leads from the cable car station in the volcanic zone to numerous steam vents and bubbling pools.
Before heading to our hotel, we will also take a ride on the Togendai cable car.
Accommodation at Yumoto Fujiya Hotel 4* or similar with beautiful mountain views.
Dinner at the hotel restaurant, Japanese style.
Possibility to visit a Japanese open-air bath "onsen". Japan is famous for the numerous natural onsen hot springs located in every region of the country, which have a relaxing effect on your body and mind. Hot spring baths come in many varieties, indoor and outdoor, traditional and modern.
*Twin rooms are not available at this hotel.
*Onsen does not allow people with tattoos.
Overnight in Hakone, Japan.

24.09.2024/ HAKONE - MISHIMA - KYOTO
Breakfast. Hotel check-out.
Transfer to Mishima station.
We board the "Arrow Train" - Shinkansen from Mishima Station and will travel about 350 km to Kyoto Station. A curious fact about this so popular transport in Japan is its extreme punctuality. All Shinkansen lines have a total of 29 seconds of delay over a one-year period.
Arrival at Kyoto train station. Welcome by the local guide.
Time to head to Kiyomizudera (literally "Temple of Pure Water") is one of the most famous temples in Japan. It was founded in 780 on the site of Otowa Falls in the forested hills east of Kyoto and takes its name from the clear waters of the falls. The temple was originally affiliated with the Hoso sect, one of the oldest schools within Japanese Buddhism, but formed its own sect, Kita Hoso, in 1965. In 1994, the temple was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The place is also popular as the "Temple of Love and Matchmaking", hundreds of lovers flock here for blessings and vows of eternal love. Free time to stroll along the charming shopping and craft street preceding the temple.
We continue with a visit to Nijo-jo Castle, which was the residence of the ruling shogun during the first shogunate of the Edo period (1603-1867).
We will also visit the Kinkakuji Temple, a Zen Buddhist temple with an exceptionally beautiful garden complex, recognized as one of the 17 historical monuments of ancient Kyoto and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Transfer and check in at Daiwa Roynet Kyoto Ekimae Premier 3*+ or similar.
Dinner in a typical Japanese pub, the so-called. "Izakaya" (Izakaya) and overnight.
Overnight in Kyoto.

25.09.2024/ ): KYOTO - NARA - KYOTO
Our day will begin with a tea ceremony in one of Kyoto's teahouses. We should experience the zen energy, perfection and philosophy of the art of preparing and serving tea.
Departure from Kyoto to Nara / about 46 km /
Nara was the first permanent capital of Japan in the period from 720 to 784, and this period has remained in history as the "Nara Period". The ancient city was built on the model of the then capital of China, Chang An. The temples of Nara retained their influence even after the capital was moved to Heian-kyo, and Nara remained known as Nanto, the southern capital, since the new one was in the north.
We will visit Todaiji temple, located in Nara Park, one of the most popular places to walk in the city, famous for the over 1200 deer that live there. They are extremely friendly and you can feed them with the crackers that are specially made for them and sold in the park. Todaiji Temple was built in 752 and became the leading temple of Buddhism in Japan. We will visit the main temple building, where we will see the impressive 15 meter bronze statue of Buddha. An important attraction in the temple is the column at the base of which there is a hole - if you manage to pass through it, you will receive enlightenment in your next life.
Buffet lunch.
We will also explore Kasuga Taisha is Nara's most famous Shinto shrine. It was established at the same time as the capital city of Nara and is dedicated to the deity responsible for the protection of the city. Kasuga Taisha is also the shrine of Fujiwara, the most powerful family clan in Japan during most of the Nara and Heian periods
Return to Kyoto.
In the late afternoon, free time and a stroll in the Gion district - the old part of Kyoto, dotted with many restaurants, shops and narrow streets. This is also the geisha school district in Kyoto. We go there late in the afternoon, as this is the time we are most likely to see them, if we are lucky, when they head out to their evening engagements to entertain guests at an expensive party or corporate function.
Dinner at a local Shabu Shabu restaurant with drinks included. Shabu shabu is a Japanese dish with thinly sliced meat and vegetables cooked in water and served with sauces. In Shabu Shabu restaurants, the food is served raw and everyone prepares it themselves on the table in front of them, which has a small baking plate and a bowl of simmering broth.
Return to the hotel in Kyoto.
Overnight in Kyoto.

26.09.2024 / KYOTO - OSAKA
Breakfast. Hotel check-out.
Our morning will begin with a visit to the Fushimi Inari Shrine. Fushimi Inari is an important Shinto shrine in the south of Kyoto. It is famous for its thousands of red "torii" gates that stretch in a network of paths behind its main buildings. The trails lead into the forest of the sacred mountain Inari, which rises 233 meters and belongs to the territory of the sanctuary. Fushimi Inari is the most important of several thousand shrines dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of rice. The foxes are believed to be messengers of Inari, leading to many statues of foxes on the sanctuary grounds. The Fushimi Inari Shrine has ancient origins, predating the capital's move to Kyoto in 794.
We are heading to Osaka. /56 km/
Arrival in Osaka.
Osaka is the third largest city in Japan. The city is located on Honshu Island at the point where the Osaka River flows into Jodo Bay. Osaka is also one of the 47 prefectures of Japan, which was established in 1868.
Next, visit Osaka Castle. The city's most interesting landmark is undoubtedly Osaka Castle, which was built in 1576. It has a five-storey main tower that today impresses with its restored architecture based on the model of the past, in which numerous artifacts from the era can be seen. Osaka Castle was built to be the strongest and most beautiful castle in Japan. More than 30,000 people are working tirelessly around the clock to build the beautiful fairytale palace, which is also one of the most famous and well-loved castles in all of Japan. Erected in the 16th century, Osaka Castle played an important role in unifying the Land of the Rising Sun. Osaka Castle was built on the site of the older Honganji Temple, which was destroyed by Oda Nobunaga 30 years earlier than the beginning of the new Osaka Castle. Osaka Castle was to become the centre of a new and unified Japan under the ruler Toyotomi (Toyotomi Hideyoshi). However, this plan did not come to fruition because in 1615, a few years after Toyotomi's death, Osaka Castle was totally destroyed by Tokugawa troops, effectively ending the reign of the Toyotomi family.
Lunch with the typical Osaka snow crab at "Kani Doraku"- the most famous crab restaurant there, then free time on Dotonbori Street.
In the late afternoon, check-in at Osaka Excel Hotel Tokyu 4* or similar.
Overnight in Osaka.

27.09.2024 /OSAKA
Around noon, we will walk to the Umeda Sky Building, the tallest building in Osaka, and view the city from the observation deck.
The rest of the day is at your disposal for walking and shopping.
Opportunity to visit the shopping centre "La La Port Izumi"
Transport costs are not included in the price
Dinner at the hotel restaurant - PICNICA restaurant on the 17th floor of the hotel.
Overnight in Osaka.

Закуска. Късно освобождаване на хотела.
Свободно време до напускане на хотела за трансфер до летище „Кансай“ в Осака
Среща на рецепция с вашия гид за трансфер до летище Кансай в Осака за обратния полет до София през Истанбул на авиокомпания Turkish Airlines.
Международен полет TK87 Осака 21:50 – Истанбул 05:00 (продължителност 13 ч. и 05 мин.)

29.09.2024/ ISTANBUL-SOFIA
Landing in Istanbul at 05:00 on 29.09.2024 International flight TK1027 Istanbul 07:15 - Sofia 08:30 (duration 1 h and 15 min.)
Landing at Sofia Airport, Terminal 2 /new/ at 8:30 on 29.09.2024


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